How to grow MUSHROOMS


Now i will be doing more types of mushrooms like gourmet mushrooms over time but we’re going to start of with the most basic one that everyone uses at home and that anyone can grow at home as well. And the cheapest and most effective way to do it at home is with a mushroom growing kit Now brand doesn’t matter you can choose any brand as they all work the same. And the price varies from about fifteen Australian dollars to about twenty dollars So what you get in this kit is you get the box of course that you’re going to use to grow mushrooms and now you should get a bag of mushroom compost and a bag a organic peat moss which is what the mushrooms come from so it’s very simple just take everything out of the box just turn that upside down and just use a screwdriver you want to put some holes in the bottom for drainage So turn it back around.

Next with our mushroom compost just layer that inside the box and give it a shake so its nice and even Then get our peat moss and we’re going to just layer that just on top, make sure its spread out nice and even and finally using a water spray on mist and we are going to lightly moisten the top. We don’t want to water it, we don’t want to drench it we just want to keep it nice and moist. We don’t want it wet. so that should be enough so the best time to do this is when it’s in a warmer weather climate but we’re going to keep it someplace warm and moist so the best place to start this of is under the sink in the cupboard. And it’s very important two spray this everyday just a light spray to keep it nice and moist You really do not want this to dry out other wise it will spoil the whole thing. So if you have done everything right and kept it in a warm dark moist area and you keep spraying it each day so it stays nice and moist we should have a mold forming on top with in about 14 days then another fourteen to thirty days after that the mushrooms will start to appear But i will be doing update videos on this mushroom compost so about thirteen days when the mould forms i’ll film and show you what it looks like and another video when the mushrooms start to appear and then another video when i start to pick them so you can follow along on the programs of this particular mushroom kit.

So I’m going to place this lid on and wait for the most the form And its important to when the most starts to form you don’t have to keep the lid on. But you do have to keep it nice and moist. So until then i’ll see you in two weeks on the progress of this mushroom kit Thank you for watching this episode of home handy hints. Please do me a huge favor by giving this video a thumbs up leave a comment and subscribe and I’ll see you next time for another home handy hint..