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In this article I will be discussing how to grow mushrooms. This is not a step by step guide, but rather a discussion of some of the different methods that have been used to grow mushrooms. The best method for you will depend on your experience and what type of mushrooms you are trying to […]
You’ve seen the commercials on TV for mushroom growing kits and you know that they’re not all scams. There are some very good ones out there, but you have to know how to find them. There are a few things to look for when you’re shopping for mushroom kits. You want to make sure that […]
In this article I will be talking about how to grow mushrooms. A lot of people have tried growing mushrooms, but most of them fail. This is because they do not know what to do. They just buy a mushroom kit and hope for the best. That’s why you need to learn the proper way […]
In this article I will be talking about growing mushrooms in a jar. There are many different methods of doing this and I will cover some of the basic ways to do it. The most popular method that I have found is using a jar with a mesh lid, and using a small amount of […]
Growing mushrooms is not as hard as you might think. You can grow them indoors, outdoors and even in your own backyard. There are many types of mushrooms that you can grow, such as oyster mushrooms, shiitake, and portabella. The best part about growing mushrooms is that you don’t have to buy them. You can […]
I have written this article because I wanted to share my experiences with growing mushrooms and also to help those who are just starting out in the hobby. This is not a guide that teaches you how to grow mushrooms, but rather it gives you tips and information on what to do when growing them. […]
Mushrooms are one of the most fascinating plants on the planet. They grow in all sorts of conditions and can be grown almost anywhere. The fact that they can be grown almost anywhere makes them a very popular choice for many people who want to start growing their own food, or even for people who […]
What’s in this Article? 1. Introduction 2. How to grow mushrooms 3. Growing Mushrooms 4. How to make a growing box 5. Mushroom growing with the PF Tek 6. What is PF Tek? 7. How to grow mushrooms with the PF Tek 8. Growing Mushrooms with the PF Tek 9. Mushroom growing with the PF […]
In this article we will talk about growing mushrooms using the PF Tek system. This is a very simple and easy to use method of growing mushrooms. I have used this method for years with great success. I have found that the PF Tek system works best if you grow your mushrooms in a dark […]
Growing mushrooms can be very rewarding, but it’s also very difficult. There are many variables that affect the growth of your mushrooms, including the type of mushroom you’re growing and the environment. In this article I’ll discuss the various methods to grow mushrooms and how to choose which method to use. 1) Growing Mushrooms PF […]