Mushroom Compost – How To Make Your Own

Mushrooms are one of the most popular and versatile of all the foodstuffs. They can be eaten fresh, dried or canned. The fungi grow in the ground and can be harvested at any time. The edible mushrooms come in many varieties and colors. There are even cultivated mushrooms which are grown in large farms. These are usually sold as part of the mushroom growing kits.

The cultivation of mushrooms is done with the help of mushroom compost. This compost is made up of organic materials that have been decomposed by microorganisms. These microorganisms are responsible for the breakdown of the organic materials into nutrients which are essential for the growth of the mushrooms. Mushroom compost contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals which are important for the growth of the fungus.

Mushroom compost also helps to prevent the growth of insects, molds and diseases. It also helps in increasing the yield of the mushrooms. Mushroom compost can be purchased from a mushroom farm. The farmer will give you the compost free of charge if you buy the mushroom growing kits. However, you should make sure that the compost is free of pathogens before you use it.

You can also make your own mushroom compost. For this you need to mix some sawdust, wheat bran, straw, wood chips and peat moss. Make sure that these are dry and have no moisture. Add some manure or urine to increase the nitrogen content. Also add some salt to enhance the flavor. You can add some worm castings or poultry droppings to increase the amount of nitrogen. Mix the ingredients well and place them in an open airy area. Let them decompose for about three months. Then store the compost in a closed container.

You can also use mushroom compost to improve the soil fertility of your garden. You can also use it to enrich the soil. In order to do this you need to spread it on the top of the soil. Then wait for it to get decomposed. You can also use it as mulch for your plants.

It is always best to buy mushroom compost from a reputable source. This way you will be sure that the compost is safe.


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