Mushroom Growing Kits – What Are They And How Do You Use Them?

Growing mushrooms is an art form that requires patience and knowledge. There are many ways to grow mushrooms, some are easy while others are very hard. This article will teach you how to grow mushrooms with the help of a kit that can be bought at any local store or online. This article will discuss what a kit is, what it contains and how to use it.

What is a Mushroom Growing Kit?

A mushroom growing kit is a small box with all the materials needed for mushroom growing. The kit comes with a casing, a mycelium substrate, a grow light, spawn, a fruiting chamber and a lid. Some kits may also contain other things like fertilizers, air purifiers and other tools.

What is Mycelium Substrate?

Mycelium is the main component in the growing process. It is a living organism that acts as a medium for the mushroom to grow. This living organism is composed of many microscopic threads that are used by the mushroom to absorb nutrients from the casing.

What is Spawn?

Spawn is the life form of the mushroom. It is a single celled fungus that is used to start the mushroom growing process. Spawn is produced from the casing when the casing is cut open. It is the only way to produce spawn. Spawn is used to inoculate the casing.

What Is A Fruiting Chamber?

A fruiting chamber is a small plastic box with a lid. The casing is placed inside the chamber and the lid is then put on top. The casing is then inoculated with spawn and left alone for a few days until the mushroom starts to grow. After a few days the lid is removed and the mushroom is ready to be harvested.

How Do I Use The Fruiting Chamber?

It’s very simple. First, you must place the casing inside the chamber. Then you must wait for the casing to produce mushrooms. Once the mushrooms have grown enough they should be harvested. The mushrooms are then taken out of the casing and placed inside a bowl or container. The mushrooms can then be eaten or dried.


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