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Discover the steps to start growing mushrooms! Learn how to choose the right species, prepare the growing space, source quality spawn, and create ideal growing conditions. Find out how to manage and prevent contamination and monitor the growth progress for a successful mushroom-growing journey.
Learn how to grow oyster mushrooms at home with this step-by-step guide. Discover different growing methods, choose the right variety, and create optimal conditions for a successful harvest.
What’s in this Article? 1. Introduction 2. How to grow mushrooms 3. Growing Mushrooms 4. How to make a growing box 5. Mushroom growing with the PF Tek 6. What is PF Tek? 7. How to grow mushrooms with the PF Tek 8. Growing Mushrooms with the PF Tek 9. Mushroom growing with the PF […]
I am sure you have heard of growing mushrooms. There are many different ways to grow mushrooms and they can be grown indoors or outdoors. One of the best methods to grow mushrooms is to use a growing kit that is specifically designed for growing mushrooms. There are many different types of mushroom kits available. […]
A day and a half ago this thing was the size of the tip of my pinky. There’s been stories of toxic waste cleanup by mushrooms. Without mushrooms we would be overrun with waste. There would not be any life on earth. Ganoderma lucidum since this trick though it’s known as the mushroom of immortality. […]
Mushrooms and microgreens are both booming in recent years and we’ve been growing both on the farm. Here in this video we’re going to take a look at the similarities and differences between the two. There is a chart from Google Trends that shows the search volume the number of people looking for growing these […]
Do mushrooms come from space? RELATED: Next Gen Farming Without Soil and 90% Less Water https://youtu.be/3Ww2TP_tU7o Where do mushrooms come from? Are mushrooms hard to grow? How many pounds of mushrooms can you grow in a week? Do mushrooms give you crazy dreams? Are mushrooms healthy? Lauren and Jess join Mike from Southwest Mushrooms, an […]
I do not condone or advocate the use, or production of illegal substances. This video is strictly for educational purposes. In this video I speak from my experience growing Psilocybe Cubensis for several years and compare 3 different methods that I have done: Pf Tek, Monotub, and All-in-one growbags. I discuss which method I currently […]
John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits WTF Mushroom Farm near Kelowna, BC Canada and shares with you how you can grow mushrooms and make $100k in a growing season. In this episode, John will give you a tour of WTF Mushroom farm in B.C. Canada. You will discover how they grow over a dozen varieties of mushrooms […]
While growing magic mushrooms may be legal in many countries such as: Austria, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, and Samoa, and is unenforced and is legal in several other countries for personal use, it is illegal in others and we do not condone any illegal activities. This video is for research and entertainment purposes only. […]