The Magic Mushroom Grow Guide. (Research Only)

While growing magic mushrooms may be legal in many countries such as: Austria, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, and Samoa, and is unenforced and is legal in several other countries for personal use, it is illegal in others and we do not condone any illegal activities. This video is for research and entertainment purposes only.

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Spores are legal in almost all countries around the world including the USA for ***Microscopic Use Only!

This a company that operates legally in the United States in the state of Vermont they sell spore syringes and prints of many gourmet, and edible mushroom species as well as cubensis mushrooms for *Microscopic Use*:

Here are some of the common mycology supplies seen in the video if interested for research purposes, or interested in using them for other mycology projects. These supplies can be used to grow a variety of other mushroom species as well, such reishi, portabello, shiitake, and many other species.

Premade Mushroom Bags
(a average 10cc spore syringe uses 5 bags with 2cc’s of solution a piece):

Bulk Substrate:
Grow Tote:
Reusable Desiccant Packets:
Vacuum Sealer:

Sterilization Supplies
Butane Candle:
Sterile Gloves:
Dust Mask:
Alcohol Spray:
Pressure Cooker:
Air Filter:

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